Watching from the Veranda [The Middle East Entangled]

Special Report: “Today [at this very moment] at 12:04 PM, the last day of the month of December, 201?, the Ateret Kohanim Zealots of Zionism, after walking through the streets of Jerusalem to the huge Islamic structure called: ‘The Dome of the Rock,’ [one of the Muslims holiest shrines and mosques in the world], known to Zionism as, ‘The Temple Mount,’ carried out–after a number of unsuccessful failures–a successful act of terrorism, by dynamiting the under structure, or foundations of the ‘Dome of the Rock,’ which sunk it to the subterranean tunnels underneath it. In consequence, the once renowned sanctuary is no more. It was chanted in the streets by the group called: the Ateret Kohanim, its leader in particular, saying, ‘We have forced God’s hand to send us the long awaited for messenger is evoked today, divine power for Israel, Zionism.’ The streets of Jerusalem are like the days of 9/11 in New York City, everyone is in a daze.”

(I am sitting on my veranda in St. Paul, Minnesota watching this, watching it on TV.)

Prior to this event all three religions: Islam, Judaism [for some: it is Zionism], and Christianity, put claims, in their own modest and sometimes over zealous ways, on Palestine. All claiming to be descendents of Abraham: the prophet; yet none are willing to work together. Palestine, otherwise known as the Holy Land, if it would have been possible for a secular rulership, possible, perhaps achievable, things could have, or might have taken a different course instead of the revolutionary’s form of rebellion that has just taken place, is as it is, narration.

Yes, now its times past and the vast array of humanity are wondering what’s next: what will be the course of action to take place. Up to this point there have been countless disappointments, moments during the time since the creation of Israel as a state and country by the United Nations in 1948; but nothing so suffering, or equal to this misery of this deceitful nature, and uncertain action has taken place or occurred up to now, from neither government, Palestine or Israel, thus, a showdown seems inevitable between the Muslims and the Jews.

This is why some have been calling this incident a disaster, while others despite its ramifications call it a triumph. Whatever it is or maybe to one or the other, it is surely an uncertain path that leads out of Jerusalem, and a horrid.

As I watch my TV, enthusiasts succeeded in destroying the ‘Dome of the Rock,’ where once it has been said, stood: Solomon’s Temple. What will follow will be a bitter-sweet war of religion I fear. But I must watch and see this unfold. And unfold it will, right on my veranda.

As I implied, the event has just taken place, the ‘ifs’, and ‘buts’ and ‘whys’ will be sorted out later, as always, but the here and now is what troubles me. Things are happening fast, so very fast. I got the radio on, the TV on; my wife just put the newspaper on my lap. I do not recall that the surrounding Arab countries are greatly disturbed by this, only that they now can unite in war against Israel, and have the rest of the world to join them. One can easily imagine how exhausting it has been for both sides to live amongst one another while Hamas and other such groups try to entangle the war cry between the Arabs and Jews, as has finally happened by the opposite Zealots–the Kohanim.

A man just remarked on CNN [from Rome], and I quote:

“Had the United States not been so extended in Europe, the Middle East, throughout Asia and South America, this might have been avoided.”

It doesn’t seem like he is blaming the United States, just getting out anger, as Paris and Berlin have done in the past, as has probably every country in the world at one time or another, in particular resentful France.

In the Holy Land the Zealots have grabbed onto the messianism, that is, the Zionist. Hamas, and its tentacles [terrorist groups of Palestine and beyond] a legacy of the once archrulership of Arafat, are in shock, as is the world, as is the Arab-Islamic neighbors, as they are at this moment stomping their hands and feet on whatever is closest to them; it is now 12:15 PM; 11-minutes have gone by, and there is smoke and dust and debris all over the area.

War or Peace

The Jews search the Talmud, the Christians the Bible–: both read, the end of days cannot be predicted, that redemption will come when it does, it is a mystery, yet Jew, Muslim and Christian are all waiting for their own individual messiah at this very writing, and all expect it to be soon.

Someone quoted the Bible over the TV, saying: no man knows the time or the day. Yet, some would prefer it to be today; –on both sides of the coin: by the Muslim’s and Jew that is, both for different reasons.

Said I, sitting on my veranda, my wife to my side,

“It’s not wise to try and force the hand of God…hmm,” she looks at me, a light smile, and I hold the newspaper slightly up while resting on my lap, its old news now, everything is old news every third, or forth second is old news, “I’m ok,” I let her know, she worries so much about me.

(I start to think, not saying a word, watching the TV, looking over the city, in the sky, at cars, people, trees, anything moving, people breathing):

I have lived through the Korean War, fought in the Vietnam War, seen the conflicts in Eastern Europe, in which my son was a soldier; and took note of the 1967 and 1974 wars with Israel and the Arab nations, along with the two Gulf wars, and the Afghanistan War. And I’m only 58-years old; and saw the Twin Towers in NYC crumble to the ground, in what I call the advent of WWIII. And from what I see on the TV, it is looking like a call to Arms, possibly the whole world.

I turned, to see my wife, again I should say, saying:

“What indeed are we in for?”

A rhetorical question at best, who knows? She puts her hand on my shoulder–a quite beauty (she has a slight smile on her face; it is to calm me down, nothing to do with the situation at hand).

What I am now watching on television is a new modern version of Zionism, or at least it seems that way to me, along with the ongoing new Islamic-terrorist version brought about by the staunch Muslim sect, which seemed to be–for the most part–the contemporary version, for most Muslims are starting to own it. And the Christian’s now had their flamboyant-warlike concepts also.

I think deep in my mind, should we live through a religious World War; the New World Order will have their way and wipe out religion for good; somewhere down the line here. It’s hard sometimes to differentiate between the Christ of the Bible, and the times of today with the ongoing rhetoric we receive from those who would have us follow their concept of the Bible, or the Karen, or the Talmud: –which they all seem to breed seeds of contempt, power, and vengeance.

It is not God I am speaking of, rather man’s version of Him. He is often the scapegoat for everyone’s woes. Be that as it may, they have all gone against their old ideologies, all waiting for the signs, a miracle and in the mean time, prepare for war. What an unsaintly and well chosen second choice: war, killing, all before peace (like in the Crusades of the far past); all in the name of God. We must all be quite a joke to God, if He ever took us serious, we would be shoveling coal down in the dungeons of hell for our thoughts and actions. If we were to be weighed, we’d all be found wanting, or in need, short changed if you will.

Yes, oh yes, as Mother Shipton had predicted 400-years ago: love will cease, and enterprise take over. Nobody looking at their roots, values. Men will eat like hogs, and women will look like men, and everyone will be going to and fro (which is exactly as it is now). Then she added in her predictions back in the 1400s): this is the time to go to the mountains, hide, for there will be great upheavals. Yes, like I am witnessing today.

A News Flash!! 

“Hamas, and it cohorts have just assonated the Prime Minister of Israel, like when the US got hit on 9/11, the Palatines are celebrating in the streets; Arab nations are preparing for war: Russia is talking with Syria, Egypt, Iran, and other countries to be a partner of the willing against the Jews and all those who would protect them. The EU is trying to avoid as is the UN any confrontational dialogue or statements…least they become part of the woes of he Arab world, and its new forming confederation.”

“Inevitable,” I tell my wife as she gives me some calm down pills [tranquilizers]. [It is 12:25 PM; 21-minutes have passed since the destruction of the Dome.]


Who is right, and who is wrong. The United Nations and the European Union seem to always be on the side of the PLO [the Palestinians]. In a like manner, the United States seems always to be on the side of Israel; everyone pointing fingers. Could it be, possibly be, we are dealing with two rights and two wrongs that both nations are equally to blame, both are right and both are wrong? If so, then would not it be wiser to have a secular-interceder to settle the issue, for when religion is placed in the center, when two, two religions that is, we then have two absolutes, not much room for compromise, and it is compromise that will save the day, if the day is to be saved. And no one is compromising; and the Palestine’s are yelling legitimacy for their right to live on a piece of this earth, the Jews are claiming they were simply exiles returning to where they belonged: and the Wall goes up, and the suicide bombers go out looking for more targets.

Some old issues, for they have gained land as we all know, land they got by force they say, but it was the old General Sharon, the Prime Minister that gave it to them, and yet they complain of this and that. It is the old creel they instantly have welded onto their souls: the destruction of Israel at any cost. Willingly or not, it is hard to wipe old stains away.

–Now as I sit back resting in my chair, on my veranda, letting the winter sun seep though and across my shoulders, a blanket over me somewhat, still I feel a slight chill, and the heat of the house I can feel on my back, the TV is showing more conflict, quarrels starting up with Cairo and Israel over this happening, but isn’t one terrorist group like another–this is what I am telling myself anyways, that is Hamas is no different then what is Ateret Kohanim? And the Taliban like al Qaeda, they all come from the same strain. Except this time the rhetoric is becoming dangerous for the whole world, not just a region. The United States is now being told by the European Union, and the United Nations, along with Russia and China, to stay out of this entanglement. My guess is, they will have a Plan A and B but that is not what I fear, I fear plan C, which to me is the frustration of both plans A and B, when they fail.

I’m thinking as I’m watching the rioting and chaos in the streets of Jerusalem, the cars being set on fire, the rock throwing, the guns going off everywhere, I’m thinking, really thinking, thinking hard, if we, the United States help Israel, what next? And if we don’t help Israel, what else? I again look at my wife, saying:

“The US…says–I can’t hear the T.V [?]”

1:04 PM

Nobody, but nobody is compromising–I noticed on the TV nobody is looking at the human rights and tasks, responsibilities, only at assertions, revenge. There is no love and therefore, there is little justice: -in this theological horror. Secularism–that is what is missing, that is what may have (now the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ come into play) counteracted this war to be. Woops, now I see Paris, someone hit the Eiffel Tower; it is blown away, a suicide bomber I think.

Now the New Cast is shifting over to San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge has just been blown-up; it is completely apart, cars falling on both sides as it hangs loose like a dying snake. Florida now has the National Guard out, soldiers dug into trenches, something is happening, I can’t make it out. And I just heard there are three nuclear subs off the coast of New York.

“To, bad,” I tell my wife, “…possibly we are witnessing, not as the Jews expected, the coming of the Messiah, rather, the raft of a world gone overboard with overreactions. For when the Messiah returns, all will be surprised, not necessary this, for this is no surprise, it was obvious, just a matter of time, not if, but when. I can’t figure out anymore who are the good guys from the bad guys.” She smiles again [she: being my wife], hugs me, and says: “Yes, –I know.”

Source by Dennis Siluk Dr.h.c.