Samsung confirms it is recalling the Galaxy Note 7 after reports of explosions

Samsung has confirmed that it is recalling the Galaxy Note 7, its newest smartphone, following reports that some devices exploded, according to CNN.

The device was launched less than a month ago to very positive reviews, but concerns about the battery in some units — which reportedly combusted while charging — has forced the company’s hand. Yesterday, Samsung confirmed it was investigating the issue, and now it has taken quick action to avoid potential tragedies.

Samsung said it has sold 2.5 million devices so far, and it plans to replace them all.

The Note 7 looked like being a continuation of positive progress for Samsung this year. Its Galaxy Galaxy S7 and S7 edge were released to glowing reviews earlier this year and impressive sales of the devices helped Samsung to its most profitable quarter for two years.

Rather than pushing things on, today’s confirmation of a recall leaves Samsung in a sticky position. Rumors of a recall made their way across the internet today spooking investors and customers alike.

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